Book Printing

Choosing a Printer – the most important considerations

Choose a Dedicated Book Printer

If you use your neighborhood general-purpose printer, your book printer probably also sells brochure, calendar, pamphet and flyer printing. In other words, your book is just one more print job in a long train of print jobs that day. Of course they'll take your book printing job, but can they really match a professional books-only book printer who focuses (and lives or dies by) the quality of your book printing, day-in and day-out?

We think the advantages of a high-quality book printer are:

  • The highest quality books
  • Pricing that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your book printing order
  • Lower shipping charges

Only dedicated book printers can pass advantages like this on to you.

Make sure other services you need are available:

Make sure your printer can offer you other services you may need to complete your book, such as editing, cover design, and marketing.

If green printing is important to you, look for an eco-friendly printer

Many printers recognize that the protection of the environment is a critical concern. Look for specific Green initiatives that are spelled out in detail.