5 Stellar Books to Showcase America’s History


The United States is a country of people from other places. As we celebrate our independence, we wanted to highlight stories of those who’ve established their lives in the United States and have made the country what it is today.

1. A World Without Boundaries by Ge Xiong

In A World Without Boundaries, Ge Xiong recounts the generations-long struggle of the Hmong people as they’ve sought to find a place of their own, weaving his own narrative throughout. Not for the faint of heart, A World Without Boundaries will strip your rose-colored glasses away to reveal a world full of atrocities and corruption. Although it’s a heavy read, it’s one you won’t want to miss.

2. Hello America: A Memoir by Mary Matuja

Mary Matuja tells her story of the Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II and her journey to America. The perfect memoir for the U.S. independence holiday, Mary Matuja and Hello America: A Memoir embody the American Dream.

3. Die Free: A Heroic Family Tale by Cheryl Wills

When Cheryl Wills digs into her family history, she discovers a brave ancestor who was a runaway slave and fought during the American Civil War. The discovery leads her down a path of exploring her family history—one that spans centuries—to tell a story everyone needs to read.

4. To Cook Is to Love by John Verlinden

John Verlinden brings his mother-in-law, Mami Aida, to life in this hybrid cookbook-memoir. Mami Aida brought her family to the United States from Cuba and passed her wisdom and recipes on to younger generations. Your stomach—and soul—will thank you for these lighter Cuban recipes.

5. Stories My Grandmother Told Me by Anastasia Hamel

When immigrants come to America, they leave their entire lives behind. Although Anastasia Hamel’s grandma didn’t make the emigration with them, her grandmother’s stories did. Stories My Grandmother Told Me is a rich memoir full of poignant stories of how one woman’s impact crossed generations.


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